Beaded patterns

Beaded patterns

Maths is not always about numbers. In the younger years, maths can be all about patterns, colours and shapes. Learn the basic beginnings of maths with this fun and interactive activity for kids of all ages.

What you need:

  • sorting tray for each player (a muffin tray works well)
  • beads in various colours
  • string

Number of players:


Start by sorting the beads into colours.

Lay out patterns for the kids to follow, for example: three yellow beads, two red beads, three yellow beads, what comes next? This will help with the early stages of counting and addition.

Start with a basic pattern and work your way to harder patterns when your child gets better.

When you have made patterns that you love, start threading them onto string and tie for a necklace or a bracelet that your child can be proud of!

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