Beethoven’s Big Break Puppy Adventure

Beethoven’s Big Break Puppy Adventure

Do your kids love the Beethoven movies? Beethoven's puppies need your helps to dodge obstacles online! This online game gets you to navigate the puppies back to Beethoven while collecting yummy bones. Get ready for some fun and games with these funny pups in this FREE online game.

What you need:

  • Computer with internet access

Number of players:


Beethoven's puppies are getting into mischief again with this hilariously fun kids online game. They're lost, and need to find their way back to their dad Beethoven.

Help them navigate their way through the city streets, and jump over obstacles like chairs, fire hyrdrants and more. They'll score points and yummy bones to eat along the way.

There are multiple difficulty settings, so even little gamers can have a go at Beethoven's Big Break.

So check out what adventures are in store for these cheeky puppies and try this online game today.

Visit the website now to get started!

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