Cooking games with kids: Cookie match

Cooking games with kids: Cookie match

There's nothing quite like having cookies and milk – well, anytime! After school snack, a weekend afternoon or morning tea, you name it, the kids will want the cookies! Here is a great way to make them work for it!

What you need:

  • No bake cookies recipe
  • Smarties for decorations
  • cookie cutters
  • computer with internet access
  • printer
  • pens or markers

Number of players:


Make a batch or two of the No bake cookies with the kids.

Make each cookie the same shape and decorate the cookies so there are 2 of each decoration. For example, make TWO round cookies with 2 Smarties on the top. TWO round cookies with 3 Smarties on the top.

When the cookies are finished and decorated flip them over (Smarties down) and get the kids working together to find all of the pairs. The player with the most pairs wins!

When all of the pairs are found, eat and enjoy!

We have created this worksheet for the kids to complete while they are waiting for the cookies.

.Print this worksheet.


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