Goodnight baby

Goodnight baby

There is no better voice than your own. Baby loves that the most. It matters not how good or bad it sounds to you, baby is the most comfortable with it. So, sing to bub at bedtime and send them off sweetly.

What you need:

  • a sleepy baby
  • your voice

Number of players:


Cuddle tight, little one,
Lay your head down to sleep.
Close your eyes, dream away,
There is no need to weep.
Angels fly, overhead,
You will be safe and sound.
Tucked up tight in your bed,
Sweet dreams will be found.

Butterflies, sunny days,
Angels make dreams come true.
You are blessed, little one,
May you dream all night through.

This lullaby is sung to the tune of Lullaby and goodnight.

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