Grow sunflowers

Grow sunflowers

Every child loves to see their hard work pay off. Sunflowers are not only fast growing, but a gorgeous addition to any garden and your child will see results in less than a week. Make sure they water!

What you need:

  • damp paper towel
  • sunflower seeds
  • plot in garden
  • sun
  • water

Number of players:


Place a sunflower seed or two between damp paper towel to increase your chance of germination. Keep in place for one to two days.

Once the seed has started to grow, sow your seed.

Seeds should be planted approximately 30cm deep and watered well.

Sprouting should occur within five to seven days.



  • Sunflowers should only be planted when the possibility of frost has passed.
  • Sunflowers should be planted with plenty of room and in a position that gets lots of sun.

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