Healthy hunger: Hungry caterpillar cooking

Healthy hunger: Hungry caterpillar cooking

The kids are never too young to enjoy a good story and certainly never too young to hear a book read by mum or dad. Why not get the older kids in the kitchen first making their very own hungry caterpillar to nibble on while you read? A healthy snack, a lovely lunch and a good book!

What you need:

  • 6 slices of bread
  • 3 slices of cheese
  • 3 slices of luncheon sausage
  • 3 cucumber slices (thick)
  • 2 small squares of block cheese
  • 1 watermelon ball
  • 2 sultanas
  • toothpicks
  • round cookie cutter
  • paring knife
  • chopping board

Number of players:


Step 1. Gather your supplies and ingredients.

Step 2. Lay the bread out on your chopping board.

Step 3. Fill the sandwich with the toppings. We chose luncheon and cheese. Once filled, construct the sandwich.

Step 4.  Cut the sandwiches into rounds using the cookie cutter.

Step 5. Slice the cucumber into wedges.

Step 6. Assemble the caterpillar by standing the rounds up against the cucumber wedges. These act like a block for the rounds to lean on.

Step 7. Construct the face using the toothpicks, melon, cheese blocks, sultanas and the cucumber skin for the mouth. I chose to stand my face inside another piece of cucumber to support it.


Read along to the book and nibble away as you go.

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