In a box: Make a mobile art studio

In a box: Make a mobile art studio

Quite often when kids ask to pull the art and craft out of the wardrobe parents shudder. The mess and fuss of set up is at times not worth it. So, here's a great solution – keep it in one box. The finished art and all!

What you need:

  • large box
  • markers
  • paper
  • tape
  • paints and brushes

Number of players:


Grab your box turn it on it's side.

From the front, set up all of your markers and pens in containers and lay then at the back.

Jump in and get creative. When you're finished crafting, your box is your studio to show your creations off. Tape them up and when the day is done, the box closes up until next time!


Crafted by Sujatha Balaji BlogMeMom
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