Make a leprechaun dress up

Make a leprechaun dress up

St Patrick's Day parade at school? Channel the luck of the Irish and dress up as a leprechaun. All you need for this fun dress up is some coloured paper and string – we've even included these FREE printable templates to help you along.

What you need:

Number of players:


To make the beard

Print the leprechaun beard template onto the orange construction paper. Before you start cutting the strips of the beard, draw an oval shape where you child's mouth will be. Cut the oval out.

Now cut the dotted lines to just below the oval shape you have cut out. Using one edge of your scissors, curl up each strip of beard like you would ribbon on a present (see video).

Use the hole punch to make holes on each side of the beard; attach string through the holes, measuring enough string to be able to tie around your child's face.

To make the hat

Print the leprechaun hat template onto white paper and cut out.

Fold the A3 green construction paper in half and place the hat template onto the fold at the dotted line. Use a pencil to trace the template.

Cut out the traced template and open up; you should have a green leprechaun hat shape.

Using the template to guide you, cut out the buckle and hat band out of yellow and black paper.

Make slits in the buckle and thread the hat band through.

Glue the hat band and buckle to the hat.

Cut a strip of green paper to create a head band for the hat. Measure your child's head and cut the headband to size. Attach it to the back of the hat (see video).

Your child is now ready to search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To be sure, to be sure.

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video and printable templates.

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