Nature twig vase

Nature twig vase

Next time you are in the park, grab some sticks and twigs to make a fabulous nature vase when you get home. This is a great summer project to do with your kids.

What you need:

  • twigs or sticks
  • wood glue
  • scissors
  • empty soup can
  • raffia
  • cardboard

Number of players:


Collect some twigs from the garden or park.

Snap the twigs so that they are only just longer than the width of the can.

Cut a square out of the cardboard that is 1cm wider than the soup can on all sides.

Place the bottom row of twigs in a square on the edges of the cardboard. Make sure the soup can fits in the square.

Dab glue along the surface of the twigs.

Lie the second row of sticks or twigs in an angled square over the base twigs. Image the two squares are the same, but the top layer is turned 90 degrees.

Place another layer of twigs in the same square as the base, and the next layer in the same angled square as the second row. This adds stability to the vase tower.

Stop building the rows when the twigs reach the height of the can.

If you want you can decorate the vase by tying some raffia around the various layers or weave the raffia through the layers for added effect.

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