Pool games for baby: Scarecrow song

Pool games for baby: Scarecrow song

Teaching kids in the water is essential to future safety, but it does not have to be full of fear. Teach the kids about the joys of splashing and kicking their legs with this gorgeous song.

What you need:

  • supervising adult
  • shallow pool – waist deep for mum or dad is fine

Number of players:


Lay baby's head on your shoulder and pretend to sleep.

Sing:  "When all the cows are sleeping and the sun has gone to bed".

Wake up, lift baby in the air and sing: "Up jumps the scarecrow and this is what he says".

Move baby side to side in the water and sing: "I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow with a flippy floppy hat".

Splash baby's hands with yours and sing: "I can splash my hands like this".

Lay baby back with their head on your shoulder, legs out and sing: " And I can kick my feet like that".


  • Baby will learn to move gently through the water and feel the floating sensation. They will also start to learn the motion of kicking their legs.
  • Sing to the tune of Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

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