Shamrock streamer

St Patrick’s Day is that jolly time of year when we all get to talk in a lilting accent, drink Irish coffee and chat about shamrocks and leprechauns! The kids can play some cool online games on St. Patrick’s Day and get right into the spirit of it. Top of the morning to you!

What you need:

  • computer with internet access



This game greets you with cheerful music and a choice of starting your game or learning how to play.

Take the kids through the quick tutorial page.

It’s a super easy game to play, teaching the kids all about control over the mouse and testing out their accuracy.

Stay on target and continue to head up the ladder of levels automatically.

Go off target, and the accuracy bar at the bottom of the page will drop and the game will be over.


You may be wishing for a volume button by the end of this one!

Click to play.

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