Witch costume: make a witch’s broomstick

Witch costume: make a witch’s broomstick

Great dress up costumes are all about the accessories. Accessorise your little girl's witch costume with this easy but authentic homemade witch's broom. It's a great Halloween costume or Book Week idea.

What you need:

  • 1 x big long stick (for the broom's handle)
  • a whole bunch of smaller, thinner sticks (for the broom's brushes)
  • the leg from a pair of pantyhose
  • a ball of jute string or similar

Number of players:


You may have to go on a bushwalk or to the park to find enough sticks to make your witch's broom. If you are lucky, you will find enough sticks in your garden. 

Bunch the smaller sticks together so that they look like the brushes of a broom.

Place them on the end of the big stick so that the whole bunch of sticks is now about 10cm wide.

Two pairs of hands is ideal for this next bit.  Use the pantyhose to wind the sticks tightly together, wind it around and around as many times as it will go so that the bunch is nice and tight.

Now cover the pantyhose binding with more appropriately "witchy" jute string.  Bind it around and around so that it looks like a real old fashioned witch's broom.

You can find the rest of a witch costume here and then you're ready for Halloween.

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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