Witch costume: make a witchy tutu

Witch costume: make a witchy tutu

If you have a little girl and are growing weary of pink things, try this funky witchy twist on a pink tutu to create your own Halloween costume or Book Week witch dress up. Your little girl will love dressing up as a naughty witch in this jazzy witch's tutu.

What you need:

  • 2m of black tulle
  • 150cm of black ribbon
  • scissors

Number of players:


Watch the video to find out how to put your witchy tutu for a witch costume together. Just substitute black tulle for the pink!

Use the black ribbon to measure your little girl's waist. Tie a knot in the ribbon at each end to mark where her waist measurement begins and ends.

The width of the tulle will be 2 times the length of the skirt eventually.  So cut the entire piece of tulle to the desired width for the length of your skirt before you begin. For example: if you want the skirt to be 25cm long, the tulle will need to be 50cm in width.

Now fold the piece of tulle over lengthways, about four times so it's easier to cut. You should end up with a 2m piece of black tulle folded over itself about eight times.

Cut along the folded tulle in 4-inch pieces.

Now you will end  up with lots of strips of black tulle.

You are going to double each one over and then tie it onto the ribbon in strips (just like in the video above).

Keep tying strips on until you have filled the entire waist measurement of the skirt.  The leftover bits of ribbon will be used to tie the skirt onto your little witch.

Go here to find out how to put a whole witch costume together.

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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