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Just when you’re over the Christmas mayhem and finally enjoying the summer holidays, it’s time to get the kids organised to go back to school!

Postie asked Kiwi parents how they felt about getting the kids ready to go back to school and the results* made them wonder … how can they make life just a little bit easier for parents?

  • 50% felt worried, exhausted or overwhelmed at the thought of getting the kids organised to go back to school
  • 78% felt unsure, worried or confused about the money they needed to save for school uniforms
  • Stress over adding new school uniforms into the household budget was a reality for 70% of parents
  • 64% said they had made sacrifices to be able to afford school uniform items

So, Postie have partnered up with two family experts to share tips and tricks to make the new school year one to remember – for all the right reasons! Read on for their handy tips below.

(*independent survey conducted by Big Picture Marketing Strategy and Research in November 2019 with 1377 Postie customers.)

Postie’s School+ range

When it comes to making sure you get the best value and quality for school uniform essentials, look no further than School+ from Postie. From $3 cotton polos in an array of school-approved colours, to $7 skorts, shorts and shirts, each piece is covered by Postie’s 100 Day Quality Guarantee.

Postie’s School+ range makes back-to-school easy for parents, easing the stress of the new school year with affordable uniform pieces for your little ones. Shop online now at or at any of the 65 Postie stores nationwide.

Click the green tabs to shop these affordable school uniform essentials from Postie’s School+ range. ⬇️

  • Polo Shirt: Classic school polo shirt, made from 100% cotton.
  • Short Sleeve Shirt: Short sleeve button-up school shirt.
  • Walk Short: Knee length walk shorts with elasticated waist and side pockets.
  • Skort: Classic school skort with perfect pleats at front and zip pockets.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing. Please click the “view online” button on your preferred item to see any updated price details.

Lunchbox tips and tricks from VJ Cooks

Kiwi mum, Vanya, from VJ Cooks shared these handy tips to make preparing those school lunches easier.

  • Make a large batch of muffin mix and split it into three, add different fillings for each quantity like blueberries or chocolate chips. Bake then freeze as needed.
  • Buy a large tub of yoghurt and serve it in mini containers with a few frozen berries.
  • Leftover wraps make great bases for mini bacon and egg pies or chicken and corn quiches, simply bake in muffin trays. Freeze extras for later.
  • Make fruit, veggies and cheese fun – use mini cookie cutters to cut them into shapes.
  • Freeze yoghurt pouches overnight and pop in the lunch box for a cool treat.

Visit VJ Cooks for more inspiration and follow her on Instagram @vj_cooks.

5 top back to school money tips

Hannah McQueen, enableMe founder and financial personal trainer, offers tips to help keep you on top of back to school expenses.

1. Marie Kondo before back to school: Start the year by collecting up anything unwanted/unused and on-selling it. You’d be surprised what there’s a market for on Trade Me! With a bit of effort, you can make some extra cash that can help offset those big expenses.

2. Spread the cost of digital: While paying off something that loses value quickly wouldn’t normally be my advice, for some, the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) means lease-to-buy schemes are the best of a lot of bad options. Make sure you find out whether there are any special deals available through your child’s school.

3. Avoid, avoid, avoid: Avoid using high-interest debt wherever possible – because it will only cost you more later. Interest rates reach the 100s at payday lenders and finance companies, leaving you in a worse position.

4. Use it as a lesson: If the kids want flasher gear than is strictly necessary, take the opportunity to teach them about the value of a dollar by getting them to work for it by mowing the neighbours’ lawns or walking their dog. You’ll quickly find out how much they really ‘neeeeed’ that particular item!

5. Plan, plan, plan: This might be one for next year: planning what you need to spend and how much you’ve actually got to spend gives you an opportunity to spend purposefully and gives you time to work out how to bridge any gap.

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