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After a couple of years of disrupted schooling, it’s possible your child could benefit from some extra support with their learning, whether it’s to close a few gaps that have appeared or provide them with some extension work.

The last two years have been challenging in many ways, not the least for schooling. Despite teachers going above and beyond, and no doubt some sterling efforts with at-home learning, it’s hardly surprising that children’s schooling may have been disrupted.

We take a look at how a tutoring programme can help boost confidence, improve results, and achieve learning goals.

Why choose tuition?

There are many reasons parents and caregivers consider extra tuition for their children. It might be that some gaps in knowledge foundations have appeared, the child needs some additional input to really understand concepts or subjects, or your child is in need of some extension work to satisfy their hungry brain.

Tips for choosing a tutor

When looking for some extra tuition for your child, there are some attributes you should include in your decision-making criteria.

  • First up, it’s important that the tuition is aligned with the National Curriculum. An assessment that identifies gaps and weaknesses as well as takes the time to understand your child’s learning goals should be undertaken and the programme should be personalised to meet these goals.
  • Check the tutor’s credentials including training, experience, and qualifications for teaching at your child’s age level and that appropriate police checks have been undertaken.
  • Look for a tutor that can provide a clear plan of achievement, the framework required to achieve those goals, and offers regular reporting back to caregivers on progression.
  • Finally, the tutor should be engaging and empathetic, while able to build confidence.

Tailored tuition that delivers great results

NumberWorks’nWords is a maths and English tuition service with 31 tuition centres across NZ from Invercargill to Whangarei, including 13 centres in Auckland.

NumberWorks’nWords English and maths tuition supports students aged 5 – 16 with their education, offering hour-long tutoring sessions after school.

The team at NumberWorks’nWords have been fantastic with our son. He disliked maths at school and was not grasping key concepts. The team has gotten him to a point where he now enjoys maths and likes the challenge or working out the patterns. We switched from virtual to face to face lessons after Covid and our son looks forward to attending one night a week and learning more. I recommend these guys to all of my friends that say their kids are falling behind at school – G. Meredith

Free learning assessment

When you first visit NumberWorks’nWords your child will be offered a FREE 20 to 30-minute comprehensive learning assessment to identify weaknesses, strengths, and knowledge gaps. The results of that, combined with your child’s learning goals, will form the basis of the individual programme NumberWorks’nWords can design for your child.

This will also give your child an opportunity to find out how tuition at NumberWorks’nWords works, and experience some of the hugely popular lessons, supported by one of the tutors. At the same time, you will be able to see the centre in action. The entire assessment and familiarisation process takes about an hour.

Great team on all levels and we always feel welcomed. The kids love attending and although it doesn’t feel like work to them, they still learn a lot. They have a really good attitude towards school work and a positive environment. Management of logistics and parent relationships are also excellent. I love that the children always come first and are listened to – C. Minois

Whether you need to fix problems or get help with extension work, NumberWorks’nWords provides expert maths and English tuition that builds confidence, changes attitudes, and delivers results.

Find out more and book your free assessment

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