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Keeping the surfaces in the house clean can be a tiresome task so it’s important that the products we use are effective. New Zealanders are also increasingly balancing effective cleaning with ensuring the products they use are gentle for their family and the environment.

Added to that is the desire to shop locally and the need to keep an eye on price, as well as ensuring surfaces are free from bacteria and other toxins. There’s one Kiwi brand that ticks all the boxes.

Introducing Earthwise

In 1967 in Waikato, New Zealand, the Earthwise story began with a simple purpose to create products that were better for people, and the world they live in. Earthwise still holds fast to the same simple purpose today.

Perfected over decades; now one of New Zealand’s most trusted natural household cleaning brands in supermarkets and have proven that effective cleaning doesn’t need to cost the Earth (planet and pocket!).


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Effective Naturally – Plant Power

Products that are free from harsh chemicals are not only safer for the environment they are also safer for your family and this is where plant power comes in!

Earthwise uses the power of lemon peel oil and eucalyptus essential oils for example, known for their natural grease-cutting power, and their cleaning and deodorising properties.

Tea tree and pine oils are also used for their antiseptic, antifungal and disinfectant properties. Tea tree oil can also help slow the growth of bacteria, particularly good for cleaning smelly bins and other grimy corners of our homes. It’s used in Earthwise’s Multi-Surface Tea Tree & Thyme Spray Cleaner and is an absolute powerhouse creating a pleasant smell that humans love, but 99.9% of germs hate.

Earthwise Toilet, Bathroom, Kitchen and Tea Tree Multi Surface Spray Cleaners and disinfectant products are also proven to kill 99.9% of germs including E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.

Earthwise products are free from silicones, parabens, phthalates, phosphates and are cruelty free.

Gentle on the environment

Choosing cleaning products that are gentle on the environment means not only ensuring the ingredients used are eco-friendly, it also means that the whole life cycle of the production, the ingredients, and the packaging are sustainable.

Environmental Choice is New Zealand’s highest independent eco-label accreditation, which considers the full life cycle of a product not just it’s end use. Earthwise products are produced in their Environmental Choice certified factory. They source biodegradable and septic tank safe ingredients and use recyclable packaging from renewable sources as well as monitoring energy, water and waste consumption.

Since October 2018, Earthwise has reused and diverted over 500 Tonnes of plastic packaging from landfills, for example, moving to bottles made from recycled milk, water and juice bottles. Taking recyclable plastic a step further and helping to close the loop.

Earthwise have proven that effective cleaning doesn’t need to cost the Earth (planet and pocket!).

Support local

There are many benefits to shopping locally including job creation, supporting local businesses, and reduced air miles.

Earthwise is our very own Kiwi eco-friendly household brand that has been made right here on home soil for over 50 years.

Easily accessible, discover the Earthwise household cleaning and personal care range at your local supermarket. To check out the full range visit

You can also join the Earthwise communities on Facebook and Instagram.

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