Creating More Family Dinners with Veggies

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Eating more plants and less meat can be great for our health, the health of our planet, and can also be great for our wallets. However the idea of trying to get the kids to eat more veggies may seem overwhelming.

We’ve got some great tips to help you make meals where meat isn’t the primary focus.

The science is in

The western world consumes meat in excess. Switching out our excess meat consumption for a more plant-rich diet is one of the key moves towards a more sustainable planet, while eating locally produced food helps keep transport carbon emissions low. Research also shows that reducing meat consumption can lead to better health outcomes, and can often be a cost effective move!

Making the change

Reducing the amount of meat your family eats can take a little bit of initial planning, but like any change, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can adapt! The easiest way to start is by making the hero of the dish a familiar and easy vegetarian protein source, like egg or haloumi.

You can use haloumi in place of meat in a curry, or a pan-fried egg or mushroom in a burger rather than a meat patty. Stir-fried rice can be bulked up with grated veggies, or throw a can of rinsed brown lentils in to replace the meat in your favourite spaghetti Bolognese recipe – it’s about thinking outside the box.

Bargain Box Veggie

If you are a bit nervous about experimenting, are worried that you won’t get the nutrition right, or are struggling to find suitable recipes, the good news is there is a new My Food Bag option available –Bargain Box Veggie!

Designed to help families enjoy more time together in the kitchen and around the table, Bargain Box Veggie takes the stress out of making delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals at an affordable price. The recipes are simple and quick so you can start the kids on the journey to self-sufficiency by getting them to help prepare the meals – or even give you a night off and do the whole lot!

In the spirit of ‘shop local’, Bargain Box Veggie is crammed with local seasonal produce. Ninety eight percent of the fresh ingredients are sourced in New Zealand, with My Food Bag supporting more than 100 big and small suppliers across the country.

Bargain Box Veggie is available for three nights per week and comes in two sizes:

  • Serves 2: Great for a couple, or two adults with a young child, or
  • Serves 4: Feeds four adults, or two adults and two-four kids

To learn more, or to see the other Bargain Box options, visit the Bargain Box website. For a limited time only you can save 30% on your first Bargain Box order with code SAVE30.

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