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A comfortable night’s sleep is essential but for many people it can be elusive. We asked Tarryn to trial a mattress from Emma Sleep – developed and perfected by sleep experts in Europe since 2013.

The Emma mattress has been developed through a research-driven approach by a team of experts including engineers, material experts, product designers, and even neuroscientists, whose work has been recognised with more than 30 awards from around the world. So let’s see what Tarryn and her husband thought of the award-winning mattress from Emma Sleep.

Easy Emma

Emma Sleep

I loved the mattress from the first moment it arrived – the small compact box, the easy to unwrap packaging, the convenient little side handles.

The mattress was completely different to the one that we had been using as it adapts to your body and sleeping positions and distributes your weight evenly regardless of being a back or side sleeper. After the first night, my husband found he needed a pillow change due to the different sleeping position (he needed a slightly higher pillow) and from night two onwards Emma Sleep was a dream for him. His back has never been happier.

Back sorted

I really believed that having a sore lower back after a night’s sleep was normal. It has happened for as long as I can remember, on a variety of different mattresses, to both my husband and me. So that means it happens to everyone … right? Wrong! Just a few nights with our queen-sized Emma mattress and no lower back pain anymore.

Undisturbed sleep

Get an undisturbed nights sleep with Emma Sleep

We both have very different sleep routines. As a mum of two busy boys and with a full-time corporate job, I value sleep very highly. Add to that an exercise regime of 6-days a week, and you can see why good quality sleep is critical to me. As such, I go to bed early and wake early for gym/running.

My husband gyms in the evenings, so he comes to bed much later than me and wakes up after me most days. What this means with our old mattress was a disruption each time one of us got in or out of bed. You know that annoying shake or wobble when someone gets into bed while you are trying to sleep? Sometimes it feels like the other person has done a running start down the passageway and thumped into bed with the weight of a herd of elephants. But with Emma’s zero-motion transfer technology, I don’t feel him climb into bed late at night and he doesn’t feel me climb out in the morning.

Sleep has never been this undisturbed and good.

The temperature is right

I’m also one of those people that bounce between over-heating and freezing throughout the night, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter. I just cannot regulate my night-time temperature. Leg goes out of the covers to cool down, leg goes back under the covers again. Hot, cold, out, in! More disruptions!

The Emma mattress has an Airgocell and thermo-regulating cover. I didn’t really understand the importance of this until now. Once again, I just thought it was me that couldn’t regulate and didn’t know that a mattress could help me do this.

We loved the Emma Sleep mattress. Our recommendation? Do yourself a favour and give the 100-night test period a go.

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