Families Review Quorn Roarsomes

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Quorn Roarsomes are savoury, dinosaur-shaped alternatives to a chicken nugget that make mealtime fun! Plus, they’re an easy way to introduce kids to meat-free meals.

High in protein, soy-free, and low in sodium and saturated fat – it’s no wonder they’ve been awarded a 5-star health rating!

But the real proof is when the dinosaur hits the plate – so let’s find out what some families thought of Quorn Roarsomes.

Take on the dinosaur

Reviewed by Jody and Rylen (4)

Quorn Roarsomes

After a busy day at daycare and mum rushing out the door, these are a great go-to for a quick dinner or snack.

Rylen really enjoyed the meat free dinosaur nuggets and had so much fun eating them. He didn’t seem to notice that they weren’t made from chicken (big bonus).

I personally loved that they offered up an alternative source of protein for him

Dino-liciously crispy nuggets put to the test

Reviewed by Claudia, Jaxon (8) and Aria (5)

With chicken nuggets being a weekly staple in our house, I was excited to try the Quorn Roarsomes with my two fussy eaters. I’m always looking for ways to sneak more veggies into their diets, but I’m also aware that protein is so important for their growing bodies and brains, so when the opportunity to try these new Quorn Roarsomes nuggets came our way I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Quorn Roarsomes

The nuggets are vegan, a good source of protein and fibre, AND they’re shaped like dinosaurs which resulted in much excitement around the dinner table when the kids were served their tasty new dinner.

I took the serving suggestion off the box and created the mashed potato volcano, broccoli trees and corn kernels sun – a bit of extra effort than our usual weeknight dinners but totally worth it for the looks on the kids’ faces!

They were super easy to cook and need only 15 mins in the oven from frozen, or if you are lucky enough to have an air-fryer they only need about 7 or 8 minutes.

They are a lot more dense and a bit bigger than our standard chicken nuggets so the kids only needed one or two each, but they came out beautifully crunchy and very tasty. And the kids had no idea they weren’t made of chicken.

If your kids are anything like mine with their love of chicken nuggets, then these are a great option to have in the freezer as you can include a meat-free alternative into the weekly menu without anyone turning their noses up. In fact, you will probably get requests to have them for dinner more than once a week!

Animal lovers unite

Reviewed by Katie, Ella (8) and Ruby (6)

Chicken nuggets are always a big hit in our household and a quick and easy afternoon snack for me to prepare for the kids, so I decided to try out the new Quorn Roarsomes vegan dinosaur nuggets.

Quorn Roarsomes

I popped them in the air fryer and they were done within 12 minutes. Miss 8 gobbled them down in a quick second, she loved them and could not tell that they weren’t chicken.

Miss 6 who is a big animal lover couldn’t wait for the dinosaur nuggets to be ready and once they were, her only complaint was “Mum where are the volcano and trees!” I’ll be buying more and I can’t wait to see the look on her little face when she sees the dinosaurs amongst the volcano and trees (just like on the box).

Quorn products, including Quorn Roarsomes are available from Countdown, and selected New World and PAK’nSAVE stores.

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