Finding The Perfect Nappy Fit

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There are lots of ways that parenting can fill your life with beautiful moments. Beyond your little one’s big moments of first smile, first word, and first poonami (!) there are also those little things that can actually be a big deal – like finding a great fitting nappy!

Parents talk about finding the perfect nappy like they’ve won the lottery – probably because that’s how it feels when you find one that fits right, keeps your little one dry and comfortable, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Tips for finding the perfect nappy fit

Finding the perfect nappy will usually require some trial and error. Although most disposable nappies look similar, the materials used, the design, the absorbency, and the features do vary. The nappy that is recommended by your mum friend as being amazing may not fit right on your bub, may irritate their delicate skin, or may leak constantly.

Cute designs are adorable but there’s nothing adorable about constantly cleaning up leaks so choose function over aesthetics to keep your sanity!

Remember that no two babies are the same. Use the weight range on the nappies to guide you but as babies come in all shapes and sizes you may find that a size up or down is a better fit for your bub. Buy a small pack (or try one from a friend) before you commit to purchasing a bulk pack in the right size.

Getting the perfect fit:

  • Ensure that you open out the nappy fully before use.
  • Once on, the nappy should look symmetrical and not shift around during movement.
  • Grip tabs should align equally and not need to be overstretched.
  • The waistband should be stretchy and snug (but not tight) and sit just under the tummy button.
  • The leg cuffs should fit neatly around baby’s legs. Once the nappy is on be sure to run your finger around the cuffs to ensure they are not too tight and that they aren’t tucked up (to avoid leaks!).
  • When taking the nappy off there shouldn’t be any red marks around the waist or legs or it may be time to move up a size.
  • If the nappy seems to regularly fill up quickly it may also be time to move up a size.

Occasional leaks do happen, even in the most perfectly fitting nappy. And yes, poonamis are almost impossible to contain, so always keep a change of clothes handy.

Introducing Little One’s nappies

Now parents looking for the perfect nappy have a new option. Exclusive to Countdown, Little One’s nappies have a stretchy waistband which is soft and gentle, as well as elasticised leg cuffs to ensure there is less leakage, whilst also allowing your baby to move freely and maximise comfort. A super-absorbent core and soft breathable inner lining help your baby stay comfy and dry.

Little One’s nappies also feature a Fit Indicator on the front of the nappy that lets you know when it’s time to upsize and helps you centre the nappy on your baby (ideal for wrigglers!). Plus, they have a handy wetness indicator so there’s less nappy change guesswork required.

Best of all, Little One’s are big on quality and low on price! You can grab a handy convenience pack for $4.70 or go big and stock up with a bulk pack for $14.80 on Countdown’s Great Price programme. That’s 50 nappies in the toddler size! Little One’s are available in a wide range of sizes including infant, crawler, toddler, walker and junior (and coming soon, newborn!)

To complement your nappy changing routine, Little One’s also offer super absorbent and gentle baby wipes. They’re enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and chamomile extract perfect for baby’s hand’s, face and bottom. The hypoallergenic formulation is alcohol and soap-free and ph balanced. Choose from fragrance-free or scented.

Little One’s nappies and wipes are big on quality but low on price. Look out for the cute dots on the packs next time you’re in your local Countdown or online at

Little One's

Little One’s will be also available in newborn size very soon!

What have you found to be the most vital thing about finding the right nappy?

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