How Supplements Can Help With Common Kids Wellbeing Issues

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At some point in your parenting journey, you will come to the realisation that kids can have a widely varied resume of wellbeing issues. Some are temporary and some hang around longer than you would like.

To help with some of the common wellbeing questions that parents have, we asked the Naturopaths at Clinicians for advice on how Clinicians supplements can help.

The following questions are based on real-life situations posed by Kidspot parents.

Meet the Naturopaths

Rochelle Bailey Dip. Nat

Rochelle is a registered Naturopath with experience in practising privately at her own clinic and providing technical support within the natural health industry for both practitioners and healthcare providers throughout New Zealand and Australia. She is passionate about the evolving field of natural health products through extensive clinical research and believes in the importance of healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Rochelle’s experience in the natural medicine field allows her to offer comprehensive, professional and attentive healthcare support.

Jane Cronin Dip. Nat, Dip. Herbal Med

Jane is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with over ten years of experience as a successful private practitioner and consultant. She has worked on the Clinicians brand for over 8 years and is now Clinicians senior product specialist and is actively involved in product development. Natural health is a passion and in her spare time Jane can be seen at the gym or on a golf course.

Growing pains and your child’s bones

Q: My 4-year-old son has been waking up regularly telling me his bones hurt. What can we do to help him get a good night’s sleep?

Rochelle: This is quite a natural process and symptom for kids going through growth spurts, and we’ve got the perfect product to help with this which is called Kids BoneCare. It contains all the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy growing bones, which will ease those growing pains.

Q: My 4 and a half-year-old son has been gaining height quite quickly and has achy legs most nights. I also worry about the shape of his legs and wonder if it has to do with his hips, though the doctor has dismissed it. Should I be concerned?

Rochelle: Growing pains are quite common with kids and they need the right amount of nutrients to keep up with their body’s demands. We recommend Kids BoneCare which contains all the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy growing bones and to help with growing pains. If you’re worried about the shape of your son’s hips and legs, it may be helpful to see either a chiropractor or osteopath to get a specialised opinion.

Q: Our 6-year-old daughter has regular growth spurts where she’s quite often in tears throughout the night as her legs are really sore and wants them massaged to help her get back to sleep. Is there anything else I can do to help?

Rochelle: It’s quite normal for kids to get growing pains when they are going through growth spurts, and we’ve got the perfect product to help with this which is called Kids BoneCare. It contains all the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy growing bones, which will ease those growing pains. You could also try the Magnesium Chloride liquid for soothing any muscle tension or discomfort and to help her have a good nights sleep.

Sleep issues

Q: Unsettled sleep and waking in the night has become a new occurrence since about three months ago for our 4-year-old. Prior to that, he was an excellent sleeper and self-settler. What can I do to get him back to his old self?

Rochelle: Kids Peaceful Dreams® is a great product to help kids get healthy sleeping patterns back. Give him a dose of 10 mL before bed until you think his sleeping patterns are back to normal. We’d usually recommend taking it for at least 2 weeks. He might be also going through growth spurts, which can affect their sleep, so you could also consider the BoneCare for Kids as additional support.

Q: Our 4.5-year-old has trouble falling asleep and settling. He wakes through the night, sometimes screaming, but never seems to complain of nightmares etc. He just seems to wake and not be really with it. Should I be concerned?

Rochelle: It certainly sounds like he is experiencing nightmares, and he may not be able to remember them when he wakes up, or he even might not be able to articulate what he was dreaming about. Kids Peaceful Dreams® will be an ideal product to give him. Studies have shown that it can help reduce night terrors in children due to the L-Trytophan. Even if restless nights are not due to nightmares, this product will still provide him that extra support for having a restful sleep. We recommend 10 mL for two weeks to start off with.

Q: My kids (4 and 6) often take ages to settle to sleep. They’re usually rather hyper near bedtime. What can I do to help calm them down before bed?

Rochelle: There are a few important things that can be done to help calm kids down before bed. Two very common things is avoiding any stimulants (such as sugary foods, chocolate, MSG (flavour enhancer 621 and 635) and food colour) and no blue light exposure two hours before bed. For more info on helping kids sleep, click here. You could also try the Kids Peaceful Dreams® (10 mL) an hour before bed to help them wind down.

Q: Our autistic son (aged 7) has trouble going to sleep and wakes regularly wanting us to comfort him. He has a very limited diet. Could this be affecting his sleep?

Rochelle: Certain foods can cause sleep disturbances in children and with autistic children, where there is an intolerance or allergy to foods, it can also affect sleeping patterns. If you don’t know if he is intolerant to foods, it may help to find out. We recommend seeing a Naturopath to look into this further. Some other common things to avoid from late afternoon would be any stimulants (such as sugary foods, chocolate, MSG (flavour enhancers 621 and 635) and food colour) and no blue light exposure two hours before bed. For more info on helping kids sleep, click here.

As an additional measure, try the Kids Peaceful Dreams® product which has a lovely combination of calming herbs and nutrients. We recommend 15 mL before bed but you can adjust the dose where needed up to 20 mL.

Q: Our 6-year-old daughter wakes with night terrors a couple of nights a month and needs us to settle her. What could be causing this?

Jane: Why children have night terrors is not known. However, dreams normally take place in REM Sleep. This sleep phase is when the brain is more active and is processing information from the day. As children have lots to learn about the world it is thought they have more REM Sleep. If your daughter is feeling anxious about things in the daytime, they might be coming back in her sleep when she processes the day’s events. Kids can also be prone to more dreams when overtired, so make sure she starts preparing for bed early and has lots of relaxing routines around bedtimes.

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Staying focused

Q: My 10-year-old does not like school because she struggles academically even with extra support and help. She has a limited attention span. I wonder if there is anything that could help her focus?

Jane: There are a few things that I can suggest. A large proportion of the brain is made up of fats, so supplementing with Omega 3 can help with mood and focus. Studies have shown that Evening Primrose oil can also help kids with concentration. Another option is Kids Brain Beams­™, a natural protein that supports kids with mental energy and focus. They are chewable and very tasty. Finally, if your daughter tends towards hyperactivity, perhaps cut back on gluten-containing products and see if that helps.

Taking care of teeth

Q: Bad teeth run in my family, I feel. What can I do to pre-empt any issues for the kids later in life (currently 4 and 6)?

Jane: Dental caries and gum issues are caused by bad bacteria in the mouth that consume carbohydrates on the teeth and create a type of acid that damages the enamel. This is managed by thorough tooth brushing and limiting the number of sweet foods consumed. When they are 7 and getting permanent teeth, you can give them Kids Tooth Protect, a probiotic chew that helps manage oral bacterial levels.

Stuffy noses

Q: My 4-year-old is on nose sprays and medication every morning and night. If I forget to give it to him he blocks up bad and can’t breathe in his sleep. Is there anything we could do to help him through this?

Jane: If your child has always had sinus problems, it would be good to look at the root cause. In my experience sinus congestion and excess mucous can occur in some people due to dairy intolerance. Perhaps cut back on milk and other dairy foods for a week and see if his symptoms improve. The other concern I have is if the spray you give him is steroidal. Often people start using these sprays daily, but they should only be used short term to avoid nasal tissue thinning. After long term use, when people stop using them, they get rebound effects and more congestion. You could start using Kids Nasal Clear Mānuka instead as this is suitable for daily use and is very gentle.

Q: Both of my children have had ENT operations (grommets and adenoids). My 4-year-old has also had tonsils out and a nasal wand to make her nasal passages bigger. She still suffers from bad hayfever/sniffles. What do I do now?

Jane: It sounds like your children have always had upper respiratory system congestion. In my experience sinus congestion, excess mucous, tonsil issues and earaches often occur in some people with dairy intolerance. Perhaps cut back on milk and other dairy foods for a week and see if symptoms improve. Clinicians AllerStop is a supplement suitable for children that can help with the effects of allergen. Just chew one tablet and experience results within 15 minutes. Also, since overreaction to allergens indicates immune system imbalance, you could try Kids Immune Care. These probiotics help the body with balanced immunity via the gut and help support respiratory system health.

Q: Normally on winter days my 4 years old’s nose is very dry and stuffy. No matter what I do to clean her nose it’s the same. I don’t know if it’s normal or not and should I be concerned?

Jane: The mucous produced by the sinuses is needed to coat the walls and protect them from inhaled winter bugs. Dryness could be due to a lack of sinus mucous, which could be caused by a lack of fluids. Make sure your child is drinking plenty of water. This could occur more in winter due to heaters being quite drying.

Q: My 4-year-old has a stuffed or snotty nose most of the time. Could my hayfever be genetic as I struggle with severe hayfever?

Jane: It is possible that your child might have inherited a food intolerance from you. In my experience sinus congestion and excess mucous occurs in some people due to dairy intolerance. Perhaps cut back on milk and other dairy foods for a week and see if you both have symptom improvement. Also, if you are looking for natural support for allergens try AllerStop, which is suitable for mums and kids.

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Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland.

This article was written by Kidspot with information supplied by Clinicians.

The advice given in this article is for education and interest only and is in no way intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions or replace any medication prescribed by your primary healthcare specialist. If you have questions, concerns about your health or treatment or would like more information, contact your doctor. Always see your doctor or another qualified health professional before starting or changing any treatment.

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