How To Slow the Spread Of Germs In Your Home

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Germs can be found in many places so it’s worth knowing about them and how they can be spread in your home – especially because a few simple hygiene steps can help stop them in their tracks.

How are germs spread?

Germs can be spread around the home on people’s hands, usually through touching people or contaminated surfaces. Germs can also travel through the air or in water droplets expelled from our mouth and nose when we cough or sneeze.

Sources of germs in the home can include:

  • Contaminated food and water
  • Regularly touched surfaces like doorknobs, taps, TV remotes and telephones
  • Cleaning and waste areas like bins, sinks and toilets
  • Household waste like used or gone-off food, used tissues and soiled nappies
  • Cleaning items like cleaning cloths, sponges and dirty toothbrushes
  • Pets and other animals like rodents and flies

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