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In New Zealand we are never far from a body of water, be it large or small. The ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, pools and baths all represent fun, but also sadly the opportunity for small children to drown.

Water safety knowledge and the ability to swim is essential learning for our tamariki however accessing this is not always simple. SplashSave have developed a programme to enable parent led water safety education for 0-5 year olds.

The importance of water safety

New Zealand has one of the highest  fatal drowning rates in the OECD and drowning is in the top five causes of death for under 14 year olds across the world, with a significant proportion of these drownings occurring for children under five years old.

Many people turn to traditional swim schools to help teach children to swim however the cost of these is a barrier for many families. Fitting swim classes into our busy lives can also be problematic, however a lack of early water safety education and lack of knowledge of parents contribute to our terrible drowning statistics.

Parents taking the lead

While parents want to be confident their children will have the critical life-saving skill of being able to swim and stay water safe as they grow up, they might not have or be able to easily access this information.

That’s why SplashSave developed a pack that gives parents all the tools they need to teach their child core swimming and water safety skills. The programme is lots of fun and is ideal for 0-5 year old children. Packs include:

  • Full colour illustrated book packed with fun ideas and games to help you teach swimming and water safety to your child.
  • Water proof lesson plans to use in the bath or at the pool to remind you of that days lessons and games.
  • Fun certificates of achievement for your child to stick on the wall as they master each water safety skill.
Splash Save

The SplashSave pack is easy to use no matter your own skill and knowledge level and can be used for multiple children at a time that suits your schedule and family dynamics. All the swimming and water safety skills can be taught in waist deep water so even if you are not a confident swimmer. you are still able to to teach your child this important life skill.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your children will have the critical life-saving skill of being able to swim and stay water safe as they grow up.

Save as you splash

The full teaching pack with two years material is just $49 and if you use the code “KIDSPOT’ at checkout you can pay just $39 – a 20% saving. You could save thousands of dollars on traditional swim school fees by teaching the water safety basics to your children.

Visit www.splashsave.co.nz for more information.

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