The Warehouse Mega Toy Month: Planter Craft Project

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Make a dinosaur or cat planter

With the school holidays running from 10th to 25th July, here’s a great idea to keep the kids entertained. With some arty supplies from The Warehouse Mega Toy Month, you can turn an empty plastic bottle into a planter for a pot plant with a cute dinosaur or cat shape.

cat planter
dino egg planter

Planter instructions:

  1. Remove the label from an empty plastic bottle and rinse.
  2. Make some drainage holes in the bottom of the planter with an adult’s help. This can be done by drilling small holes (apply a piece of tape to the plastic, drill slowly and don’t apply too much pressure).
  3. Use masking tape to tape a line around the bottle approximately halfway up.
  4. Use a chalk marker to draw the neck and head of a dinosaur or the ears of a cat above the masking tape line (you can add a tail on the opposite side too). This will easily wipe off later.
  5. With an adult’s help you, pierce a hole in the bottle with a utility knife to get started, then cut out your shape with scissors removing the top portion of the bottle.
  6. Remove the masking tape and lightly sand the outside of the bottle to roughen the surface and help the paint stick. After that, brush it off so it’s clean and dry.
  7. Paint the outside of the bottle with acrylic paint – give it a few coats and let it dry in between.
  8. It’s time to accessorise! Glue on googly eyes and button decorations. Then draw on a mouth, toes and nose using coloured markers.
  9. Add aquarium rocks or some gravel to the bottom of the planter. Pop a planter saucer underneath then fill it with soil and a plant.

Find more kids’ craft activities at and bring the kids along to join in the fun at NZ’s favourite toy store.

This article was written by Kidspot NZ for The Warehouse.

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