The Ultimate Christmas Checklist For Families

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Christmas is coming up fast – and with the festive season comes a to-do list almost as long as Santa’s naughty or nice list! So, to help out Kiwi families, we’ve got together with NZ Post to create the Ultimate Christmas Checklist.

The pre-Christmas chaos tends to arrive quite a while before Santa shimmies down the chimney. From here on in it’s a blur of wishlists, shopping, family gatherings, tree decorating, and wrapping … and more wrapping. And that’s not even including your usual daily tasks, meals, and activities. By the first week of December, I usually want to just hide under the duvet until Christmas morning!

To keep you from going around in circles, use our printable checklist below to keep everything on track, one tick at a time. But first, don’t forget an important (and fun) task for the kids to do.

Don’t forget to send letters to Santa

One of the most fun things to tick off your checklist this festive season is getting the kids to send their wishlist to Santa. It’s so easy thanks to NZ Post! Children can visit to write their letter (they might need your help to make sure their name and address is correct) then press send. Alex the Postie, who does the postal run to the North Pole every year, will be sure to deliver it to Santa!

If Santa receives a message by 22nd of November, he will deliver a personalised response to your letterbox. If he receives a message between 23rd of November and 22nd of December, he’ll email it instead.

Write to Santa now
NZ Post sunbathing Santa

Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage for more festive fun!

When the kids are done writing their letters, there’s also loads of fun to be had exploring Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage. They can play festive games, check out the fun snapshots from Santa’s photo album, listen to some merry tunes on North Pole FM, and so much more. It’s a great way to keep the kids occupied while you tackle one or two things on your Christmas checklist.

Visit Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage

The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

Now that you’ve got the letters to Santa sorted, tackle some more tasks on our Ultimate Christmas Checklist so you can sit back and enjoy the festive celebrations. We’ve even included a gift list and food shopping list too!

Print the Ultimate Christmas Checklist

This article was written for Kidspot with information supplied by NZ Post.

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