Best time to host a slumber party


Thinking about holding a slumber party this year and not sure how long (or short!) the party should be? Here are our top tips for choosing the best time for your party:

If you are planning on taking your guests to an activity – seeing a movie, going to the beach or pool – ask them to be at your house at least half an hour earlier than you need to leave. There are always late arrivals and you don’t want to have them spoil your plans.

If you are planning on keeping the party at home, ask guests to arrive late in the afternoon so they can enjoy some games before dinner.

Make sure you specify a pick-up time the next day – and don’t make it too late! Tired children do not make happy house guests so mid-morning usually works best for everyone.

Because slumber parties are held over two days, often some guests need to arrive late or leave early so be sure to know exactly when your guests are coming and going to ensure that they can enjoy most of the slumber party activities.

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