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Getting out into nature with MILO

If you can get the kids out of the house, exploring New Zealand's beautiful outdoors is a must! ...
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Soccer – Kicking it with MILO

My daughter was so excited, I couldn’t say no when she asked to play - after 11 years of parenting, ...
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The essential nutrients in MILO

The essential nutrients in MILO

MILO with milk is a nutritious formulated supplementary food. It’s packed with essential nutrients - which gives your kids a ...
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essential nutrition growing kids

Essential nutrition for growing kids

Growing kids need a variety of nutrients to meet their body's needs. MILO with milk can help deliver those essential nutrients ...
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Family active

How to motivate your family to be active

Motivating your family to get up and get moving can not only help your wellbeing, it can also stengthen family ...
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flying kite

How to make a kite

Nothing beats flying a kite – except making one with your kids! Make a kite that really flies, this fun ...
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Why children need to play sport

Signing your child up for a team sport will do a lot more than get them moving – it can ...
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kids and frisbee

How to throw a Frisbee

Throwing a Frisbee is so much fun. Your children will enjoy throwing and running after the Frisbee. This is a ...
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lunchbox recipes

Healthy lunch box ideas

Check out these great school lunch ideas that will fuel kids as they learn, play and grow ...
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fussy eating

Top tips for dealing with fussy little eaters

Fussy eaters can be very frustrating and cause a great deal of concern so Kidspot shares some great tips for ...
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Best breakfast nutrition for growing kids

After going 10-12 hours overnight without food, children's energy reserves are low and their bodies and perhaps more importantly their ...
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nutrition snacks

After school nutrition for your sporty child

Children need to refuel correctly after expelling so much energy, the best thing to offer is a nutritious snack. The ...
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