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Jumping Beans – Auckland East & Ponsonby

Email: s.blackwell@windowslive.com
Phone: 021 286 0135
Website: jumpingbeans.co.nz


For over 30 years, Jumping Beans has been offering physical activity classes to children, from 12 weeks, to five years old, with their caregivers. The sensory–motor programme focuses on fundamental movement skills and includes baby/ preschool gymnastics, movement to music and ball skills to support the development of balance, hand-eye co-ordination, language, confidence and self-esteem in a nurturing, safe setting using specially designed equipment.

Qualified instructors guide parents and caregivers to participate with their baby & pre-schooler in fun, educational exercises and activities, stimulating brain development while accommodating different learning styles.

Active play is serious fun at Jumping Beans! Contact us Sue now to join in the fun and learning!

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Jumping Beans Introduction from Sophie on Vimeo.

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