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There’s Something for Everyone at the YMCA!

Address: 12 Hereford Street, Christchurch
Phone: 03 366 0689
Email: holprog@ymcachch.org.nz
Website: www.ymcachch.org.nz


Here at the Christchurch YMCA we work hard to provide great school holiday programmes that will ensure that your children stay entertained throughout their holidays. We offer a range of activities from arts and craft, sports and and other outdoor activities along with exciting outings to places like clip’n’climb, ten pin bowling, swimming and so many more. Our programmes are designed to cater for different ages, genders and cultural backgrounds and operate Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

All our programmes are run by talented and responsible staff who are trained to provide a safe and stimulating environment. Ensuring your child is safe and having a great time is at the top of our priority list.

Visit our website to book or to find out what’s planned for the next holidays.

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