Blaze Light Riders on DVD

blaze light riders

Blaze and the Monster Machines Light Riders rev up and get glowing in 4 charged-up Monster Machine missions!

Created by Jeff Borkin & Ellen Martin

Starring Blaze, AJ, Starla, Crusher, Pickle and more Monster Machines plus the Paw Patrol pups in a BONUS Paw Patrol episode

Classification G

What’s it about?

Blaze and the Monster Machines is an interactive educational animated TV series with some learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and facts about Animals.

The show focuses on Blaze, a red monster truck, and his young human driver, AJ. They adventure with their monster truck friends, and sometimes their human friends. Animals in this monster machine world also have blended windows and wheels. Blaze and his protagonist Crusher are usually in a race of some kind where Crusher inevitably cheats! Sometimes Blaze and AJ are needing to save a truck friend from certain disaster, even Crusher. Through the escapades, along with problem solving segments that get your kids participating, Blaze and AJ always manage to get the job done!

In this DVD we see Light Riders, when all the lights in Axle City go dark, Blaze needs your help using energy and lasers to light up the streets, the racetrack & more! Plus, meet knight trucks and join a medieval race!

Blaze and Monster Machines

What we think & who can watch?

Another firm favourite in our household, particularly being a household of boys, is Blaze and the Monster Machines! The boys watch keenly as Blaze and AJ race Crusher and his unfortunate side kick Pickle – who knows not what he does – on many speed, and cheat, defying capers. Often they’re requested to help solve a mathematical problem, like is the level long enough for Blaze to land safely upon on his way to save a truck friend in a precarious position? “Yes” they yell out, or “noooo”, at this stage my boys are incorrect more often than not, so it’s certainly a positive that the show has a focus on STEM learning helping the kids gradually get an idea about such subjects. Along with the racing, noisy trucks, songs, firm friendships, lessons learned from problem solving to helping friend and kind-of-foe alike, it’s a great DVD to watch to keep energised minds with a need for speed entertained!

Check out the trailer from Light Riders Nickelodeon debut

What’s it got?


  • Light Riders
  • The Bouncing Bull Racetrack
  • Catch That Cake
  • Knight Riders


There’s a BONUS episode of the PAW PATROL rolling into another bright rescue –  Pups turn on the lights!

Listen to Blaze and the Monster Machines opening track

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