Snacks On The Road

Road trips are great fun for families. But when everyone’s had enough games of I Spy to last a lifetime and you’re still a long way from your destination, the munchies tend to set in.

Having a ready supply of healthy snacks will help you to avoid those inevitable pleas to stop at the nearest fast food restaurant (or is that, EVERY fast food restaurant!). Opt for snacks that will keep them fuller for longer with a low or moderate GI to bypass the nerve-jangling highs and torturous lows associated with sugary snacks. To keep snacks cool or warm (as needed), use an insulated bag or chilly bin.

Pick healthier snack options like homemade muesli bars, fruit and snack-sized veggies instead of chips, chocolate biscuits and cake. Try these healthier alternatives for snacks on the go.

No-bake, no matter!

No time to cook before your trip? You can satisfy any sweet cravings with these coconut and date balls that require no baking.

Try the No-bake Coconut & Date Balls recipe

A bite at a time

Here’s a cute and less messy way to serve yoghurt in the car. These frozen yoghurt bites are easy to make. Just pop them in a ziplock bag and toss into the chilly bin with a slicker pad for a cooling treat on your journey.

Try the Healthy Yoghurt Bites recipe

Freeze a batch or two

If you like to be mega-organised for your trips, these pikelets can be made in a large batch and frozen for later use. Just warm them through, wrap them up and you’re set.

Try the Corn and Cheese Pikelets recipe

From A to Z

Would I tell the kids there’s apple in these muffins? Yes, certainly! Would I tell them there’s zucchini? Probably not! What they don’t know …

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I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘yum’!

A tasty moreish biscuit with no added sugar. These are so good you might need to ration them out for the trip!

Try the Cornflake, Sultana & Cranberry Biscuits recipe

Hold the nuts please

If you’re avoiding nuts due to allergies or intolerances, homemade muesli bar recipes can utilise sunflower and sesame seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) or chopped dried fruits.

Try the Apricot Muesli Bars recipe

Be adventurous!

If your road trip is an adventure, match it with these out-of-the-ordinary chips. Made from curly kale, they’re bound to get the kids interested.

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Apple + Cinnamon = Crunchy Goodness

These fruit chips are perfect for nibbling on in the back of the car as you watch the world go by.

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Everything’s better on a stick

Now you know what the melon-baller that’s been sat in the kitchen drawer forever is actually for! Thread your choice of melons, berries, grapes, etc onto popsicle sticks for fruity fun.

Try the Lunchbox Fruit Kebabs recipe

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