The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier | Kids Book Review

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Soon to be a Netflix series, The Last Kids On Earth by Max Brallier is ideal for children 8 years and older including reluctant readers!

Meet Jack Sullivan, self-described as a late-blooming, slow-developing 13-year-old who has so far survived the zombie apocalypse by hiding out in his treehouse.

Overnight Jack’s life has become like the plot of a video game and he has come up with his own ULTIMATE FEATS OF APOCALYPTIC SUCCESS: Locate Quint Baker, best friend and inventor. Find and rescue June Del Toro, his secret love interest. Defeat Blarg, the biggest, baddest monster in town. Become a zombie-fighting, monster-bashing tornado of cool!

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“Jack Sullivan was an ordinary 13-year-old going to an ordinary school until the zombie apocalypse happened. Now he’s a hardened warrior living in a fortified treehouse looking for his lost friends and hoping for survival. Locating one of his lost friends, Quint, he attempts to finish the ultimate feat of apocalyptic success: find and save lost crush June Del Toro. This is a really funny and exciting book, and I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I think would be good for 8–10 year-olds because I think that it is aimed more towards them than 11–13-year-olds.”

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