Dole’s NEW Bobby Banana Packaging Reduces Landfill Waste

Media Release – Pead PR 11 February 2021

On a mission to help reduce their impact on the environment and achieve the goals set out in the Dole Promise, Bobby Bananas are now packaged in a new, smaller tape – which will reduce the amount of plastic destined for landfill in New Zealand and can be recycled into useful items such as fence posts and garden beds.

Bobby’s bananas used to come in plastic bag packaging but with the new tape, this will prevent around 16 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill each year in New Zealand, which could increase in the future because of the new Dole Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme membership.

This is because of the Dole Promise, a global company initiative that is working towards sustainable nutrition, a decrease in fruit loss and packing loss, and a better experience for its employees, customers, and the planet. One of the Promises is to achieve zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025.

Dole General Manager Steve Barton has said:

“We’re proud to implement a change that creates a positive impact as we work towards a more equitable and sustainable future. It’s our responsibility as the people of today to provide a better planet for the generations of the future and updating Bobby Banana’s packaging is one small step toward achieving that goal.”


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A post shared by Dole New Zealand (@dolenewzealand)

New Zealanders can drop their Bobby Banana tapes, along with other soft plastic waste such as bread bags, pasta and rice bags, at Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme drop off points where they are collected and provided to Future Post, which recycles the plastics into fence posts, vegetable garden frames, and parking bumpers.

Not only is this reducing New Zealand’s waste but this helps out Kiwi organisations such as Oke Charity, which provides South Auckland primary schools with sustainable fruit and vegetable gardens made from donated plastic.

“Creating change requires collective action, and we’re asking Kiwis to get on board and do their small bit to help. If every New Zealander recycled their Bobby Banana tapes, it would be enough to create 158 garden beds – a number that would make a huge difference to charities such as our partner Oke Charity,” said Steve.

New Zealand is the first market to roll out the new Bobby Banana tapes, with the learnings set to drive similar change in other Asia markets such as Korea and Japan.

“We’re very proud of our partnerships here in New Zealand and know that our efforts here will see us contribute significantly to our global promises,” – Steve.

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