3 Simple Family Health Hacks For Surviving The Winter Months

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As the seasons change there is no better time to start supporting your children’s immune health. Here are three simple hacks to help you on your way.

Get the kids outside

On grey, wet or cold days this is easier said than done, but we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of exercise and Vitamin D through skin exposure to the sun – both help to support the immune system. Some kids naturally gravitate outside while others require a bit of encouragement.

Remove any barriers to getting outside by keeping gumboots at the door and a warm top or jacket. Keep balls, scooters, bikes, and outdoor chalk easily accessible and for increasing duration outside as a family, let each child have a turn choosing an outing that’s fun for them, like digging holes at the beach or running around at the park.

Fuel the immune system

Date and Banana smoothie

A healthy diet can be a great way to support an immune system, but we all know kids can be fussy about what they will eat. Get the kids involved in the preparation so they are not only learning lots of great new skills, but they also have some ownership over the food they eat.

Things like homemade smoothies are a great way to pack a punch nutrition-wise. Check out this kid-friendly recipe from Comvita. Mānuka Honey is an excellent alternative to simple refined sugars for kids. Try freezing the left-over smoothies into ice block trays for when those tickly throats make an appearance or a quick after-dinner treat they don’t know is good for them.

For easy and natural at-home options Comvita’s Soothing UMF10+ Mānuka Honey Pops with zinc for immune support are a pantry staple and can be found at your local Countdown, selected PAK’nSAVE stores, Life Pharmacies, Unichem and independent pharmacies.

Rest and recover

Adults aren’t the only ones with busy schedules and we can’t ignore the role that adequate rest and recovery plays in keeping our bodies well. Age-appropriate bedtimes are a must, made easier by the darker evenings.

On slow weekend mornings give family yoga and meditation a try. There are lots of fantastic guided videos on YouTube that are entertaining and engaging.

Comvita® Lozenges, Elixir and Lollipops are available from your local Countdown, selected New World and PAK’nSAVE stores, Life Pharmacies, Unichem and independent pharmacies.

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