How To Plan A Fun Trip With Your Children In A Motorhome Rental

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A family getaway in a motorhome can be one of the most memorable experiences parents can give their children. When going on a trip, remember that they have needs you must address to ensure they are comfortable while travelling, but there are also lots of ways to entertain the kids while on the road to avoid fussiness and stress.

If you’re planning to go on an adventure, here are tips to help you make a motorhome road trip enjoyable for your children.

Rent the right kind of motorhome

First, plan the kind of motorhome you need to rent. Fun activities are possible if the motorhome has enough room for the entire family. Cramped quarters can be frustrating if you go for a motorhome that cannot accommodate all family members comfortably. Motorhomes that are at least seven meters in length can fit space-saving berths that can accommodate four adult people. For more options or features, seek recommendations at a motorhome hire company near you.

Keep the kids entertained

Travelling in a motorhome allows you to relax and spend quality time with your children. You can also have fun while safely seated as the motorhome moves along. You can do these fun activities on rainy days or when the kids must stay inside the motorhome.

• Play some board games

In this day and age, board games are an engaging way to hold children’s attention. They can be both fun and educational. Choose age-specific board games that your kids can have fun playing, such as games with counting, strategy, mystery, or games that teach them about money. They can also benefit from board games featuring their favourite cartoon characters. If your child also likes chess, you can bring this classic board game along.

• Enjoy travel games

Travel games are sometimes compact and have fewer pieces. You can check out Colour Bingo and I Spy. If the motorhome is parked, it’s an excellent opportunity to have a travel scavenger hunt because they’ll be able to move around while hunting items on a list you’ve prepared. Another idea is to create your own version of Something-You-Can-See. One family member chooses a thing they can see, and the rest gets to ask questions. The former is only allowed to answer yes or no.

• Get artsy with colouring books

Children who love to colour can spend their time making great art using crayons or markers. Paint-by-number books are also good options for those who are learning their numbers. If they love to draw, bring paper supplies, pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser, too! You can pick up some of these before leaving for the trip.

• Cook together

Kids can also have fun when you let them make their own meals. You can choose child-friendly dishes, such as tacos. You may consider cooking the meat and letting them help stir it with your supervision. Chopping vegetables can be a task assigned to older kids. Sandwiches are also a good option. You can prepare the filling, such as sliced ham, or chicken, and they can pick the salad veggies to go with it. It not only teaches them responsibility, but they are also more likely to eat what they have prepared.

• Build with LEGO® sets

LEGO sets can hold so much attention if your child loves building with them. A great benefit of this is that you can bring the ones they already have by using a resealable container. Remember to pack easy-to-build LEGO sets that are age-appropriate, especially if you have little kids.

Make safety a priority

Your motorhome must also provide safety for child passengers as you need to ensure the security of your children while on the road. One thing that you should always remember is that seats must come with seatbelts. Additional seats may be in the living room area of the motorhome. All members must be properly seated and restrained while the vehicle is in motion, in accordance with the regulations of the country that you are travelling in.

If you’re travelling with a child, you can have a child restraint or booster seat fitted in the appropriate position in the motorhome. Internationally, it is recommended that this be used for any child under 11 years old or 148 cm tall. It is also highly recommended that babies under two years of age use a rear-facing capsule or car seat. It is a legal requirement in New Zealand that all children under 7 years old must use a suitable child restraint (car seat).1

Making your child’s safety a priority will help to ensure that nothing can get in the way of having fun during your motorhome adventure.

Get on the road

Travelling with children in a motorhome means ensuring they can have fun while staying comfortable and safe. Choose a good-sized motorhome that has room for them to play in even as they’re sitting. With the suggestions above, you no longer need to worry about how to keep your kids occupied while on the road.

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