Five fabulous foods to fight premature ageing

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If you want a glowing complexion then it’s not only beauty products that you should focus on to fight premature ageing – you can eat your way to great skin too.

Do your skin a solid and start munching on these five foods that have been revealed to repair skin cells, aid skin tone and wipe out wrinkles:

Skin saver #1: Almonds

Vitamin E is good for skin elasticity, and almonds contain more than any other nut, so add a handful to your cereal bowl for peachy-smooth, youthful skin. They also assist with skin cell repair, help moisturise dry skin and prevent inflammation, helping you to fight the signs of ageing. While almonds may also be high in fat, you don’t need to fret about adding kilojoules to your waistline. Researchers have found that people who regularly eat nuts tend to eat less overall during the course of a day – perhaps because they’re the top source for nut protein.

Skin saver #2: Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acid keeps skin cells hydrated and supple, and salmon has plenty of omega-3. Research has found that omega-3 adds a layer of lipids to your skin, which hold onto moisture, meaning that as well as smoothing out lines, it also aids in preventing them in the first place. Because your body doesn’t produce omega-3 naturally, eat a few serves of salmon per week, and you’ll be at the front of the anti-ageing race.

Skin saver #3: Kiwifruit

Did you know that one kiwifruit actually contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange? Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that promotes collagen production (a fibrous protein and the building block of your skin) and helps fight free radical damage to cells, a common cause of skin ageing.

Skin saver #4: Tomatoes

We’ve got a great excuse for you to enjoy spag bol, pizza and your other favourite Italian foods! Research has found cooked and canned tomatoes have more lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that will protect against harmful UV rays, preventing premature ageing. Apparently adding five tablespoons of tomato paste to your daily diet should show a difference.

Skin saver #5: Broccoli

It’s not everyone’s favourite vegetable, but the green veggie is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, which can help decrease oil production in your skin, and help fight off anti-ageing free radicals. If you’re cooking up a stir-fry, be sure to include lots of broccoli and throw in some onions and red capsicum, which also contain skin-tightening amounts of antioxidants.

3 simple steps to glowing skin

Along with your new skin-diet, try this easy daily skincare routine for fabulous, glowing skin:

1. Cleanse

Cleanse daily with a natural-ingredient cleanser.

2. Protect

The gold standard of anti-ageing skincare is wearing an SPF30 or more on your skin each day.

3. Refine

Use a foundation that is free of nasty chemicals that are harmful to your skin.


Collagen supplementation is also a great way to maintain skin elasticity and firmness. Life Botanics marine collagen is heat soluble so you can easily add it to your morning coffee or to a daily smoothie.

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