How To Remove Common Stains

The one thing I have tried most often on stained kids’ clothes is … hope! I’m sure I’m not the only one who just throws the kids’ stuff in with the rest of the laundry in the vain hope that every stain will be magically removed by my washing machine fairies – only to discover the fairies must have been on strike as the stain is still glaringly obvious.

When it comes to cleaning up your kids’ spills, smears and streaks, you sometimes need a bit more than hope. Whether it’s beetroot on shirts or glitter on the carpet, Kidspot has the solution with advice to remove stains from all types of fabrics and surfaces.

Stain remover notes

  • The quicker you deal with a stain, the more likely you are to remove it.
  • Unless it’s a fat stain, cold water is best for rinsing a stain, so as not to set it and make it harder to remove later.
  • Before using a cleaning solution, test on an inconspicuous section, such as the inside of a sleeve, to check it won’t ruin the fabric.
  • Always rinse out one cleaning solution before trying another to remove a stain as certain chemicals are not supposed to be mixed.
  • Read the care instructions on the item of clothing before attempting vigorous stain removal. Some clothing may be too delicate to attempt stain removal and are better taken straight to the drycleaners.
  • Don’t rub fabric harshly to remove stains as this can abrade fibres and cause fading.
  • The white towel blotting method is often recommended for stain removal. Simply fold a clean white towel and, once you have treated the stain with water, gently dab it with the towel and check to see how much of the stain has transferred to the white towel.
  • If using commercial stain removers and detergents, always follow the product label to understand the proper use and safety precautions you may need to take.
  • It’s always easier to treat a stain on a washable fabric.

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