Your pregnancy at week 8

Welcome to your weekly pregnancy update where we outline the changes you and your baby are experiencing.

Your Baby

Your little embryo has grew to around 1.5cm to 2.5cm (roughly the size of a kidney bean) this week and his tail (which is really the spinal cord) is likely to have receded and the upper and lower limbs have joints like elbows and knees, giving baby a distinctly more human appearance.

Your baby’s hands and feet now have 5 ridges on each, separated by narrow grooves, making them appear webbed. Baby’s arms and hands are growing faster than its legs and feet – and that’s a trend that continues after they have been born.  Eyelids are forming on her face and nerve cells in the retina are beginning to develop, the tip of the nose is present and ears are forming, internally and externally.

In the heart, aortic and pulmonary valves are present and distinct. Tubes leading from the throat to the functioning part of the lungs are branched, like the branches of a tree. The body’s trunk area is getting longer and straightening out.

Right now, your tiny baby’s head makes up almost half his height and weight and there is a little tongue, nostrils and the tip of a developing nose.

Most of baby’s internal organs are present in their basic form, including the heart, brain, liver, lungs and kidneys. Your baby’s skeleton is starting to form and their arms and legs are now longer. Bones are also beginning to ossify, with baby previously made up of soft cartilage.

Just like adults, all babies are different and develop at varying rates in the womb. This information gives a general idea of your baby’s development and progress.

The Mum Update

This week you may have your first appointment with your Lead Maternity Caregiver.

The first appointment with your LMC is called the ‘Booking Visit’ and will likely include a comprehensive assessment of your wellbeing, identify if you may need additional care, discuss screening tests and blood tests. You will find out how your LMC operates and how s/he provides care and back up care and even where you would like to give birth. Your LMC will give you lifestyle and diet suggestions and information about available pregnancy services.

You likely have many questions, and your LMC will give you lots of information. You might like to print this list and take it with you to prompt you and to record the answers (baby brain may already be kicking in !).

Your uterus is getting bigger, but it probably still isn’t big enough for you to be showing, especially if this is your first pregnancy. You will notice a gradual change in your waistline and the fit of your clothes.

Your body is producing more estrogen and a side effect of this is an increase in a milky vaginal discharge. The purpose of this is to keep the birth canal free of infection so just leave it be (pop a panty liner on if its bothering you).

The increase in the production of the hormone preogesterone along with an increase in blood circulation can cause nose bleeds. Your nose may also produce more mucous.

If you thought you had escaped morning sickness, this week might be the week to prove you wrong! Morning sickness is a very normal sign and it will likely subside around week 12-14 along with the extreme fatigue you may be feeling.




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