Ice cream in a can

If you want to know how to make ice cream in a can then we have all the instructions you need right here. Add your favourite flavours and get the kids shaking with this cool science experiment.

Crazy dough

This crazy dough is a magic, universal miracle dough that you can keep in the fridge and pull a piece off to use in your next meal. You can use it to make pizza bases, focaccia, dinner rolls and even scrolls.

Omelette in a bag

Why would you cook omelette in a bag? It's the perfect camping meal and works out very well if you need to make a few different omelettes for a crowd. Choose your ingredients and get the kids to help.

Easy avocado salsa

This easy avocado salsa depends on fresh produce and simple flavours to give you a really delicious flavour every time. Dip corn chips into it or pile it on fresh crusty baguettes for a light meal.

Simple pumpkin soup

This pumpkin soup is a family favourite. Full of the flavour of roast pumpkin, it is perfect with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of fresh chives alongside some crusty bread.