Connect the letters

Dot to dots are popular at any age but online dot to dots add another dimension to the activity. Connect the letters focuses on learning your alphabet in a fun and exciting way, adding colours and sounds as a reward for great work.

Clifford the big red dog

Online games can provide loads of entertainment and keep children busy for hours. Have fun with everyone’s favourite red dog Clifford. Children will enjoy the many different games and activities for them to do with Clifford online.

Spring Bee alphabet game

This is a wonderful online game for children learning the alphabet in which they master the order of the alphabet letters as they play. The Spring Bee alphabet game changes the letter order each time to keep your child guessing.

Plural girls

The twins have lost their friends in a bubble! This great online game has children choosing the correct plural form of the given word to help get their friends out. A fantastic learning game for the kids!

Burarra people

This is a great learning experience for kids. Visit the website and have the kids intrigued at the thought of visiting Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Make-up Barbie

Putting on make-up is always fun, especially when it is the kids online activity Make-up Barbie. Your child can play with make-up colours, hair styles and clothing for Barbie and you never have to worry about cleaning anything up!

Hangman online game

This simple version of Hangman increases spelling skills as your child races to beat the hangman's noose. Kids will learn as they play with a selection of simple words to spell correctly, and 10 chances to win the game.

Fraction card game

This fraction card game makes learning about fractions fun - so fun, they're going to forget they're actually practising their fractions. There is a full set of fraction cards for you to download and print out. Get started now!

Tic tac toe squares

Tic tac toe is a classic game played by young and old. With this online version, kids have to answer math equations before they get to place their X. Another range of learning games as well as fun for the kids!