Go online with the Starfall website and let your kids explore cosmic educational online games. Starfall is a fabulous website to help prepare your kids to learn to read and best of all you can relax knowing they are learning.

Autumn concentration

Concentration. We know it as a card game but, let's face it - kids aren't always interested in what we used to do! This game offers bright colours, fun music and even keeps count of successful matches and tries. This should stop any argy-bargy!

Dora’s dress-up

Dressing up is always a fun kids activity especially when it is Dora's dress up. This online game lets your child play with Dora's wardrobe. Start today and see what fashion statements your little ones like to make.


Do your kids love horses? This is a great game for any horse lover as they get to choose their horse and any accessories they like!

Super hyper spider typer

Keyboard skills can only be learnt through practice and repetition. This kids' game is not only fun but teaches them skills they can only learn through doing them. Watch as they advance from one finger typing to not even looking at the keyboard so they can keep an eye on their spider.

Michael, Michael, go recycle

Learning to recycle is sometimes a mystery to kids. This online game is not only fun but kids will learn the importance of picking up rubbish and separating it into different bins. Bottles, papers and cans are all treated differently and you get to convert the litter bugs too!

Ice slide

This addicitve little game has absoluety no educational value at all but boy-oh-boy it's fun! The kids will be consumed by this quick and clever game. Launch your chosen character across the sky and watch them land, stick or slide.

Counting on a cloud

This basic counting game introduces children to numbers and makes it fun with some of their favourite "thingies". Children pick an object on the left of the screen and then choose how many of that object they would like to see from the right. Watch as they learn 1-10 in no time!

Autumn puzzle

This online puzzle will test kids' abilities - not only their minds, but their mouse skills! Use online time for some autumn problem-solving fun!

Speedy speller

Become a speedy speller with this educational online game. Your kids will learn spellings skills as they play and race against the clock to spell the words correctly. So log on for fun online learning today.

Animal sounds

Kids of all ages will love to play the online game and kids activity animal sounds found on Julia's Rainbow Corner website. Log on and let your kids explore the amazing world of animals, the sounds they make and the world they live in.

Don’t break my heart

Celebrate Valentine's Day online and have the kids playing this cute Valentine-themed game. Don't break my heart is a game of speed and concentration as they battle to keep the heart in the air for as long as possible.

Haunted alphabet

A classic search and find game for kindy kids and up. This haunted room will have the kids looking for all the letters of the alphabet and having a giggle with the ghosts.

Boobah patterns

Online games can provide loads of entertainment and keep children busy for hours. This game is no exception as children can create different sounds and coloured characters with the Boobah profiles.


Kids can battle their way through this online game, planting seeds to defend the pumpkin! Oranges shoot cannon balls and onions let out speedy arrows all in the name of fun.

Get ready to read

Teachers were never this entertaining at school! Log on to Get Ready to Read and let your child play learning games and let them experience the fun of online games. Prepare your kids for learning about letters, sounds and so much more.

Mathematical magic trick

This nifty maths magic trick will have kids practising maths times tables without even noticing. This maths game gets one child to pick a number, while the maths 'magician' works out the number through multiplication. Alakazam! The number is revealed.

Math car racing

This is a great game to help your kids with their math. Using the computer will make it so much more fun than practising on paper - they'll never want to stop!

ABC Order online game

ABC Order is a fun online game that teaches your child the order of the alphabet. Kids match up the letters in the order of the alphabet, and when they get the right sequence they're rewarded with a cute animation and the next challenge.