Starburst pom pom garland

These simple pom poms are made from raffia and look cute strung together into a garland or tied onto the Christmas tree as ornaments. With a huge range of raffia colours available, you can have whatever colours fit your decor style to make it a bonne Noel.

You’ll need:

  • Coloured raffia
  • Scissors
  • String

Step one

Wrap the raffia around four fingers several times – the more you wrap, the larger the starburst will be.

Step two

Carefully remove the wrapped raffia and leave it in a doughnut form, squeeze the sides together. Tie a piece of raffia around the middle tightly.

Step three

Slip one side of the scissors into the loops and snip. Repeat on the other side.

Step four

Fluff the ends out by pulling them in all different ways until they ‘puff’ out like a starburst. String the pom poms together with a piece of string to form a garland and hang.

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