3-D standing Christmas star

3-D standing Christmas star

Create a 3D standing Christmas star with this art and craft kids activity. Kids will love how simple this project is and how beautiful the result. You can hang it on your tree or place it on your table for all to admire!

What you need:

  • pinter (optional)
  • plain paper
  • stiff paper or craft board
  • christmas wrapping paper
  • scissors and/or craft knife
  • gglue
  • pencil

Number of players:


Print or draw a star onto a regular piece of paper.

Cut out your paper star – this will be your template. (Note: a 5-point star works best for this project.)

Trace around your template star with a pencil onto a piece of craft board, to create two identical stars.

Then cut out your stars.

Now use your paper star template again to create four more identical stars with some pretty Christmas wrapping paper.

Glue your four wrapping paper stars on to your two craft board stars.

You need to cover both sides of each of your craft board stars.

Once the glue dries, make a slit in each of your two covered craft board stars.

In one star the slit starts from an inner corner and goes to the centre point of the star.

In the other star, start your slit from an outer point, and cut to the centre point of the star.

Slip the two stars together through the slits you just cut.

You may need to place some tape at the centre for stability.

Stand your star on a table, or attach a string to use as a pretty 3D tree ornament.

Notes :

  • Be as creative as you like when decorating your stars. Use glitter pens, tinsel, family photos, pretty craft scraps, or draw pictures with marker pens.
  • Use your 3D Standing Stars as unique place markers at your Christmas table. Use a decorative pen to write a guest's name across both stars before you slip them together. Or use a photograph of each guest on each star (note: you'll need four photos per 3D star, one for each side of each single star panel).
  • Thread a number of 3D Standing Stars onto a fishing line, and hang about the house as gorgeous homemade Christmas decorations.

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