Halloween craft: Trick or treat bucket

Instead of a plastic bag or an old pillowcase to collect Halloween treats, make a unique trick or treat bucket. It’s functional (it collects lollies!), it can be part of the costume (and might score extra lollies!) and it’s a great craft to make for Halloween! Win Win Win!

What you need:

  • black, purple and grey foam sheets
  • gold glitter foam sheet
  • scrapbooking card
  • gold glitter glue
  • gold pipe cleaners
  • foam glue
  • craft scissors
  • lead pencil
  • steel ruler
  • stapler

Number of players:


Step 1. Cut a 45cm x 14cm strip from the black foam and glue the short ends together. Pop a staple in the top and bottom to secure. This will form the “body” of the bucket

Step 2. Cut a piece from the remaining black foam that’s slightly bigger than the diameter of your bucket. Trace what will be the bottom of the bucket onto the foam with the lead pencil then go over the pencil line using plenty of foam glue. Now set the bottomless bucket onto this foam glue circle and press. To secure this firmly, glue around the inside of the bucket bottom for reinforcement. Once this is completely dry, trim the excess.

Step 3. Cut a 2cm strip from the purple foam and glue into place as the handle.

Step 4. Making the owl, you will need to cut the following shapes: 

1 x large triangle for the brow
1 x small purple triangle for the beak
2 x large gold glitter circles
2 x smaller grey circles
2 x black foam semi circles
1 x scalloped edged gold breast piece
1 x scalloped edged black breast piece

Decorate with glitter glue and leave to dry. Position on the bucket as per image and allow to dry.

Step 5. Write your name with glitter glue on a rectangular piece of foam and punch a hole in the top. Once dry, punch a hole in the foam bucket and secure the tag with another pipe cleaner.


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