Making playthings

Making playthings

We all know babies mimic what we do, so if we're in the kitchen, they like getting into the pantry or the plastic containers cupboard. So why not make some toys from objects in the kitchen to keep your little one occupied while you get the chores done.

What you need:

  • household or kitchen items
  • highchair or playpen (optional)


Number of players:


Place your baby in an area that is out of danger from the cooking area or even better, in the highchair or playpen.

Pull out some bowls and a wooden spoon and hand them to baby to nurture the drummer in your baby.

Grab some plastic cups and baby will enjoy playing and stacking the cups into a tower and knocking them down.

Plastic sealable salt containers are great as shakers.

Baby will enjoy exploring the kitchen alongside you without getting in your way!

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