Paper tent collage

Paper tent collage

Relive a great family camping holiday, or create one that you would love to be a part of. This collage will bring out the imagination of your little ones and have them wishing on the stars they place in their scene.

What you need:

  • glue
  • scissors
  • a few pieces of coloured paper or card
  • magazines
  • lead pencil
  • coloured pencils

Number of players:


Cut a large triangle from the coloured paper or card.

Measure the middle point along the base line of the triangle (an estimate will do fine).

Mark this point with a pencil mark.

From the middle point, cut upwardly a 4cm slit.

Next place your fingers at the beginning of the slit and fold back the cardboard to create a flap.

Fold back the opposite side as well, thus creating two flaps that will be the tent’s entry point.

Paste the tent’s outside edges onto another piece of coloured paper, to form the background of the tent collage.

Cut out people from magazines to paste into your tent scene.

Glue these people behind the tent’s entry point and around the tent.

Draw a camp fire, some trees and stars in the night sky.


  • You may want to make the 4cm slit in the base of the triangular tent longer. This will mean there is a larger entry point for the tent, and more space to stick people inside the tent.
  • Make two tents to create a camping collage – perhaps you and your child have been camping before, and could use these memories to recreate a familiar atmosphere in the scene.

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