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Give the gift of reading this Christmas! Penguin Books have made it easy to select a special book for every reader in your life with a great selection of books available from Paper Plus.

No matter what age or interest, there’s a book for everyone! And with free delivery New Zealand-wide on orders over $75 or free click and collect, Paper Plus make ticking off your gift list super easy!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer (18)
by Jeff Kinney
Paper Plus price $15.99

Diary of a Wimpy Kid No Brainer

In No Brainer, book 18 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney, it’s up to Greg to save his crumbling school before it’s shuttered for good.

Up until now, middle school hasn’t exactly been a joyride for Greg Heffley. So when the town threatens to close the crumbling building, he’s not too broken up about it. But when Greg realizes this means he’s going to be sent to a different school than his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, he changes his tune. Can Greg and his classmates save their school before it’s shuttered for good? Or is this the start of a whole new chapter for Greg?

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Critters of Aotearoa
50 Bizarre But Lovable Members of Our Wildlife Community
by Nicola Toki and illustrated by Lily Duval
Paper Plus price $30.00

Critters of Aotearoa

Meet some of our most curious critters – slimy, stinky, creepy, crawly and gross … but also a little bit cute!

Discover New Zealand’s most curious creatures – from Smeagol the gravel maggot, to the walking worm and the drooping blobfish – with Nicola Toki from the hit Radio New Zealand show ‘Critter of the Week’ as your guide. Featuring 50 illustrated profiles of Aotearoa’s weird and wonderful critters, and an introduction by Jesse Mulligan, this book proves that sometimes nature’s best stories are the ones you have to work a little harder to uncover.

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Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paper Plus price $42

Be Useful Arnold Schwarzenegger

Seven lessons from the international icon on how to live a meaningful, purposeful life, for fans of Atomic Habits and Wim Hof – the seven rules to follow to realise your true purpose in life – distilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his own journey of ceaseless reinvention and extraordinary achievement, and available for absolutely anyone.

Arnold’s stratospheric success happened as part of a process. As the result of clear vision, big thinking, hard work, direct communication, resilient problem-solving, open-minded curiosity, and a commitment to giving back. All of it guided by the one lesson Arnold’s father hammered into him above all – be useful. As Arnold conquered every realm he entered, he kept his father’s adage close to his heart. Written with his uniquely earnest, blunt, powerful voice, BE USEFUL takes readers on an inspirational tour through Arnold’s toolkit for a meaningful life.

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The Last Devil to Die
The Thursday Murder Club (4)
by Richard Osman
Paper Plus price $32.99

The Last Devil To Die: (The Thursday Murder Club 4)

The fourth book in the record-breaking Thursday Murder Club series from British national treasure Richard Osman.

Shocking news reaches the Thursday Murder Club. An old friend in the antiques business has been killed, and a dangerous package he was protecting has gone missing. As the gang springs into action they encounter art forgers, online fraudsters and drug dealers, as well as heartache close to home. With the body count rising, the package still missing and trouble firmly on their tail, has their luck finally run out? And who will be the last devil to die?

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The Sugar Palace
by Fiona McIntosh
Paper Plus price $32.99  

The Sugar Palace

The heart-stopping new historical romantic adventure from the bestselling author of The Orphans.

“How about we call it the Sugar Palace? And when people enter, we’ll make sure it feels like a colourful fairytale spun from sugar.” Under the clamour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge being built nearby, Grace Fairweather is working in her father’s grocery shop in The Rocks when she begins making her own confectionery. Her colourful creations of toffees, lollies and chocolates soon become crowd favourites, and Grace begins to dream of one day opening her own sweetshop. When the roguish but irresistible Londoner Alfie Sweeting comes to work for the Fairweathers, his ambition for her success thrills her – so much so that she begins to question her engagement to Norman. Moving between the colourful world of a carnival-like confectionery store and Sydney’s organised crime world of brothel madams, gambling dens and cocaine dealers, this is a thrilling romantic adventure that shows not everyone is to be trusted, and life isn’t always as sweet as it seems.

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