How To Ensure Your Toddler Has A Strong Nutritional Foundation

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Your toddler is growing and developing at a rapid pace, so how can you help to ensure that their nutritional intake is sufficient for them to thrive?

Once your child becomes a busy, independent toddler who wants to feed themself (and starts developing distinct likes and dislikes) meeting their nutritional needs can become quite a challenge.

So, how can you feel confident that your child is building a strong nutritional foundation through their food and drink intake, while also allowing them to develop their hand-to-mouth coordination, chewing and swallowing skills, and likes and dislikes?

Your role

Your job in offering your toddler a variety of nutritious foods seems easy enough. Getting your toddler to actually eat those foods rather than fling them at the walls or floor is a whole different challenge!

Try to embrace the mess and keep mealtime a fun and stress-free environment as this will give your toddler the confidence to continue to learn through food and the reassurance that mealtimes are a positive experience. Your toddler will ultimately decide what, and how much, they want to eat.

If you notice that some days your toddler is ravenous and the next picky and not interested, that’s normal toddler behaviour and is driven by things such as how active they have been, their growth rate, general health, and metabolism. Look at their food and drink intake over a whole week rather than zeroing in on individual meals or days.

A helping hand

If you are concerned your toddler may not have an adequate food and drink intake to ensure a strong nutritional foundation, you could introduce a toddler drink into their diet.

SMA® Toddler

SMA® Toddler is a nutritious milk drink for toddlers from age 1 year and up and is designed to be enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet, when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate.

SMA® Toddler is enriched with Iron to support normal cognitive development, plus Calcium and Vitamin D for the normal growth and development of bones, and Zinc for the normal function of their immune system.

You can purchase SMA® Toddler at PAK’nSAVE, New World and Chemist Warehouse.

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