Review: Earthwise Toilet Cleaner, Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray and Laundry Liquid

For those of us who have responsibility for at least some of the domestic cleaning chores, increasingly we are looking for products that not only help make cleaning easier, they are also easy on the environment and our pockets.

You might have noticed Earthwise products in the supermarket – after all, they have been around for years with the goal of creating effective products that are better for people and the world they live in.

Earthwise products utilise “plant power” and they have chosen things like lavender oil, tea tree, pine and eucalyptus oils to make use of their antiseptic, antifungal, and disinfectant properties.

As alluded to in my bio below, I have tried out heaps of cleaning products in the past, so it was only natural that I was chosen to review these three Earthwise products!

My first task was to pop to the supermarket to pick up the products – and that was no problem as they were fully stocked and waiting for me. I guess because Earthwise is New Zealand made, not only do we get to support local, there are no issues with the international supply chain.

Spray heaven

Earthwise Multi Purpose Spray Cleaner Citrus & Mint

First up was the Earthwise Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner Citrus & Mint. I love spray cleaners as they make me feel super efficient (!) and also I can target the cleaner on the harder spots.

The spray nozzle is comfortable to use and has two2 off options (so you know no matter which way you turn it after use, that it is safely off), plus a jet and mist option. Both dispense a useable amount of spray so you won’t be having to spray lots, nor will your surfaces be dripping with product.

I started in the bathroom and cleaned the sink, cupboard doors, external toilet surfaces (including the yucky seal between the toilet and the floor), around the bath and a quick wipe around the aluminium window frames – easy! All the marks gone, a nice shiny finish and a light, fresh and healthy eucalyptus scent left in my wake!

Our kitchen is a dirt, grease and fingerprint magnet so I was super keen to give the spray’s grease-cutting claim a test out. We have a lot of chrome and the spray certainly removed the grease – and a quick wipe over with a clean cloth after to remove any smears left me with satisfyingly shiny surfaces again. Inspired, I gave the buffet/sideboard top a clean. It’s a matt black laminate but has a tendency to cling to greasy finger marks so it was great to see them wipe away. Earthwise recommends that you do a patch test before you get spray happy on varnished surfaces.

I can see why NZ Consumer magazine recently recommended  Earthwise Multi-Surface Spray Cleaner Citrus & Mint 500ml as one of the highly recommended multi-surface cleaner options available in supermarkets.

Loo crew

Having just cleaned all the exterior surfaces of the toilet with spray it was on to the inside. I squirted the Earthwise Tea Tree and Pine Toilet Cleaner up under the rim – as it’s clear there is no chance of staining if you forget to scrub it off for a few hours (which has happened to me before). I put a bit on a cloth and wiped around the top of the bowl, a quick scrub, flush and done!

Earthwise Toilet Cleaner

Earthwise report that this plant-powered toilet cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and is also greywater and septic tank safe. I love that there is no bleach in this cleaner as I have ruined so many clothes accidentally splashing a bit of bleach-laden water on myself when flushing the toilet and rinsing the brush in the past.

My sensory child reports she likes the scent of the Tea Tree and Pine and I agree – I generally don’t love the smell of tea tree, but the pine smell softens it and the overall effect is a pleasing, fresh, clean fragrance. I would also be keen to try the Orange and Eucalyptus next time.

Washers delight

It’s a bit of a running joke in my family that I never feel quite complete unless I have done at least one load of washing so I was super happy to try out a new laundry liquid. As we are an eczema family, the Earthwise Ultra Sensitive Laundry Liquid was perfect for us to trial.

Earthwise Laundry Liquid - Ultra Sensitive Fragrance Free

Like the toilet cleaner, the laundry liquid is suitable for greywater and septic tanks, it has a low suds formula, and it’s suitable for top and front loaders as well as for handwashing. The bottle has a pouring spout and the lid doubles as a measure so it’s all easy to use.

The first load I did included a very urine smelling towel so I was interested to see if the smell came out with this fragrance-free liquid – and happily, it did! I have done loads of loads since then – from sweaty sportswear to black jeans – and everything has come out looking great. And since wearing the clothes, no one is itching.

The verdict

If, like me, you’re looking for cleaning products that are effective and good for the planet, Earthwise ticks all the boxes. In addition to harnessing plant power, they also use a high percentage of recycled plastic in their packaging, are greywater and septic tank safe, as well as locally owned and operated with an eye on their carbon footprint.

Choosing Earthwise was easy – from finding them at a great price at the supermarket through to spraying, squirting and pouring and effectively cleaning my house. I loved that I could choose fragrance-free laundry liquid (although they also have a lavender or lemon and gardenia option too) and that the other cleaning products worked well while leaving a satisfying, pleasant, fresh smell in the house. Even my husband with his underperforming sense of smell commented on it!

Created in partnership with Earthwise. The author was provided with the products for the purpose of this review. Views are those of the author.

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