So much to do at Butterfly Creek

My youngest daughter’s class was learning all about butterflies and their life cycle last term. At one point, she brought home a reader about a visit to a butterfly house. She was fascinated with the idea of a butterfly house and wondered aloud if there was a place like that in real life. That’s when the idea to visit Butterfly Creek formed in my mind. My eldest has always loved bugs and insects as well, so it felt like a great fit activity-wise for us.

Visiting Butterfly Creek

We arrived just before opening time, which was brilliant because there was lots of parking available. The parking area is really large, though when we came out of Butterfly Creek later in the afternoon, it was full. Outside, the kids were so excited to see a couple of dinosaurs. I must admit it had been a while since we had visited Butterfly Creek, so we hadn’t seen the dinosaurs before. Walking in through the entrance we went to the desk to organise our tickets. You can buy a pass just to see the petting zoo farm animals, or a full pass. You can also buy additional train tickets, which I recommend. One trip around the track was definitely not enough for us.

Butterflies, crocodiles and a train ride to see a dragon!

Our first stop was Aquaria. This is a darkened passage, with some pirate and deep sea decorations, as well as long aquariums of different tropical fish. My kids were so excited to find “Nemo” and “Dory” hanging out in the tanks. They also loved pretending to be a captain on an underwater ship.

Next up, we moved into the butterfly house. In preparation, we wore the brightest floral clothing we could find in our wardrobes. The idea being that if we stayed still enough, we might attract some butterflies to come and sit on us. It is very hot in the butterfly house. Lovely for the butterflies, but the kids found it hard work to stay still in there. They loved looking at the butterflies and seeing what they eat. Miss five got up close to one butterfly and loved being able to do that without it flying away. Miss 10 had the excitement of one landing on her hair and hanging out with her a while too.

Butterfly Creek

Moving on from the butterfly house, we went to see the crocodiles who were massive. Then we moved out to the train station. Lining up for the train, we could see a few dinosaurs coming through one of the fences. My kids were so excited. Once on the train, we got a really great view of the rest of the attractions available to see. Between the Kune Kune pigs and the dinosaurs, the kids were a little torn as to what to see next. However, a sudden peak of a dragon hidden to the side of one of the tunnels, meant the obvious choice was a second train ride. We had to see that dragon again!

Dinosaur Kingdom and Buttermilk Farm

The dinosaurs won out on the question of “where to next?” so we went and learnt a bit about dinosaurs, and had fun climbing into eggs and talking to the big dinosaurs all over Dinosaur Kingdom. Our favourites were the triceratops. We then traveled through to Buttermilk Farm. My eldest was the least excited to see the farm animals, but the sweet softness of a bunny won her over and we stayed for quite some time. We got to see a goat getting milked, and we saw a few awesome looking chooks too.

Butterfly Creek

By this point, it was definitely break time. The cafe at Butterfly Creek offers snacks and lunches. We stopped for a butterfly cupcake, as it seemed an appropriate treat. They have water available as well, and as the day was pretty hot, we didn’t really feel like anything hot to eat or drink.

We’ll be back!

Our second to last stop was to see the other bugs on display. My girls were absolutely thrilled to see the cockroaches and spiders. My favourite memory is likely to be them pressed up against the glass swooning over how fuzzy and cute the tarantulas were. Unfortunately, my camera had long run out of battery by that point!

I dont think it’s an exaggeration to suggest that Butterfly Creek has something for everyone. Whether it’s butterflies and bunnies, or spiders and crocodiles; or if you are dino-mad or just love trains. There is so much to do and see. We found the experience well worth the travel and price. We’ll definitely be back again.

Watch the vlog from Baby Likes Cake below!

For more information, visit the Butterfly Creek website.

This article was written by Kym Moore. Kym is a working mum of two, and occasional blogger. Fancies herself a writer, when she isn’t editing her kids’ vlogs or running their social media at Baby Likes Cake. Follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. SarahBlair 30/05/2018 at 9:19 pm

    We love Butterfly Creek, my kids have often asked to go back there after visiting for my daughters 5th birthday. There is really something for everyone!

  2. felicity beets 24/05/2018 at 8:53 pm

    Looks like a great place for the whole family with lots of different activities for all ages. I look forward to seeing the butterflies the most. Would be good to know if it was also good to visit on wet weather days?

  3. Alezandra 16/05/2018 at 9:18 pm

    The review here made the place sound amazing. Unfortunately, my friend who visited just recently told me that it wasn’t as good as advertised. And the butterflies were close to non-existent as one of the zookeepers told them that they needed to order more as they tend to die easily.

  4. Mands1980 15/05/2018 at 9:12 am

    Wow this sounds great a real mixture for both boys and girls another excuse to have a look at all these great activities on offer. I have actually never heard of butterfly creek before this.

  5. Shorrty4life1 08/05/2018 at 6:19 pm

    Wowee this sounds amazing. My kids love butterflies. And how cool going on a ride to see a dragon. The dinosaur kingdom sounds amazing also. What a cool fun day out this would be. 😍

  6. Bevik1971 04/05/2018 at 10:16 am

    Fun!! My 5 year old daughter would love this! Actually she would probably be a bit freaked out but love it at the same time haha. One of the downfalls of being down in the South is that there is not a lot around like this that is close, however we do have other awesome sights and things to do here 🙂

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